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ME CARE Activities & CSR Projects 

Our strong intentions to support society and create a better living society in the future.  We believe that sharing with other people in need – is an act of kindness that we could possibly do. We wish to encourage and help people in need to move forward in their lives. What we earned back from them was not the money but the success to observe the moment we could see their joys on the smiling face.

“That's the true HAPPINESS" #Wishingyougoodhealth


10 Sep 2022

ME CARE BLESSING CEREMONY 10/09/2022 3rd Anniversary.

ME CARE Limited Partnership (Head Office)  by Mr. Arthorn Chinalai Managing Director along with the management and staff Organized a merit-making ceremony on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the establishment of the company for prosperity Ready to focus on working with the German team Continuing to develop quality food supplements in all aspects. as an option for customers to take care of their health in all ages Delivering happiness and smiles to all groups of customers Reinforcing leadership in health  Product quality  Expand sales and service channels through innovation and modern technology. to reach consumers easily and cover all areas that can meet the needs of customers in every lifestyle to create wealth and health and sustainable security for customers, employees, family, society, alliances and shareholders. The ceremony was held at Mee Kae's head office.

#mecaregroup #wishingyougoodhealth #mecare3rdanniversary

me care cambodia

Welcome CVSK Co., Ltd aka ME CARE CAMBODIA 

07 Sep 2022 

Bangkok, 07 September 2022 – ARTORN CHINALAI, Managing Director to ME CARE Limited Partnership (Head Office) has established the agreement with VINCENT CHHEANG & SIVHONG KOCH, The Management of CVSK Trading Co., LTD. (Cambodia) as its new an authorized exclusive distributor to expand its business and new healthy lifestyle products in the Cambodia market.


27 Aug 2022



On August 27, 2022, ME CARE opened its house for the first time to invited guests. Came to attend the open house of the company and had the opportunity to launch dietary supplements, effervescent tablets, Mee Care, for the guests to learn about the products we want to offer. Mee Care's effervescent vitamin products, in addition to helping to strengthen the immune system to work normally. We also offer effervescent vitamin tablets. very interesting new model

By creating various drink menus from @envies_cafe and presenting that eating vitamins will no longer be boring. Mee Care's effervescent vitamins can be mixed with coffee or various fruit juices. that create an exotic taste Delicious and also get health benefits in addition to being a must-have item. effervescent vitamin tablets

Mee Khae wants to make health care easy. and is a lifestyle for the new generation Emphasis is placed on the products must be delicious, easy to eat, and must be of full quality. according to the typical German style

In addition to the activities in the beverage section In the event, there is also a small flower arrangement workshop that Mee Kae has collaborated with @flowerbykanghanlom. for everyone to have activities together And make all guests enjoy the view of beauty in their own way. It is an activity for everyone to pull out their creativity. and the atmosphere is full of fun


in the end We hope that our dietary supplements It can be a part or an aid in health care, especially strengthening the immune system to work normally. and we hope Our products will have the opportunity to enter into everyone's lifestyle and make taking care of yourself no longer difficult or far away.


02 Jan - 30 Mar 2022

ME CARE and Envies cafe had the opportunity to work together. In order to create 4 creative menus, consisting of a menu with coffee as an ingredient and a menu without coffee for those who are not coffee lovers to try. With the intention of wanting to drink coffee that is not only with milk, but can actually bring vitamins that are beneficial to the body. to blend together perfectly as well

14 Nov 2021

ME CARE on Khaosod newspaper online website.

09 Nov 2021

Mee Khae would like to thank the Thai Post newspaper and respected adults. which sees the importance of health care of Thai people  also gives Meekrae, a new food supplement importer, an opportunity to use the media space to Give people who are interested in health care the option to take care to enhance their immunity.

04 Nov 2021

ME CARE was mentioned in the newspaper "Hot-Today" column.

Thai Post Issue 9 1 2 3 Thursday 4 November 2021 

Newsletter Q4 / 2021 MECARE

Produced as a Free Copy for anyone who is interested and is also a stylish publication. For people who love photography lifestyle See you soon at the coffee shop or cafe that we have selected to give away to the next favorite

09 Sep 2021

Black Logo_Rice สาระ.png

To celebrate our 2nd year Aniversary, Me Care Group intiated a project called 'RICE SARA' (means knowledge about rice). This project is our gift to our valued partners in the hope that we can support a new generation young farmer and conserve Thai rice varieties. 

01 Sep 2021

Distribution of masks

Distribution of masks

"ME CARE MASKS" ME CARE muslin cloth face masks were made by Chiang Mai Women Correctional Institution. These masks were products made to create a career and income for their female convicts.


During Covid-19 pandemic, ME CARE donated these masks to Thailand Association of the Blind and Foundation for the Blind in Thailand (Under the Royal patronage of HM the Queen).


18 August 2021

deliver food to medical personnel Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute as an encouragement to doctors and personnel

23 July 2021

Handing out food to the poor at Ratchadamnoen Road, round 2

09 May 2021

distributed food, masks, drinking water, milk and snacks toPoor people at Ratchadamnoen Road Round 1, which has been organized Regulations and keeping the distance according to the specified standards.#wesharebecausemecare #mecare

April 17, 2020

Distributing food to the general public during the COVID epidemic

18 Jan 2020

Signed contract with Dr. Ricarda Haferkorn, our partner in Berlin, Germany.

16 Jan 2020

Project discussion between ME CARE and pharmaceutical partner in Germany.

January 15, 2020

Signed contract with CS Real Estates and Cencix Software

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