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CARE's therapy journey began in 2017 when the founder traveled to Germany exploring cell industry. Having specialized in holistic health consulting both domestic and abroad, he threw himself into the world of healthcare. ME CARE was launched in 2019 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic which made the founder see the importance of preventive healthcare for family and friends. Since emerging infectious disease can occur at any time, the founder wishes to promote health and regular preventive care focusing on how to maintain health for disease prevention. ME CARE was established with the aim to seek and develop dietary supplement products as a holistic approach to immune support. Current disease outbreaks have made nutritional supplements more crucial in the way that a strong immune system is the best protection against infections and illnesses. 

     ME CARE has collaborated with medical specialists in Germany on the development of our vitamins which have been tested by leading laboratories to ensure both Thai and German quality standards are met. We are confident that efficiency and value of our own vitamin formula is recognized before the products are distributed in Thailand. They are fully manufactured in Germany and imported to Thailand by air. We make sure that the quality of the vitamins is assured during temperature-controlled storage and transportation before our products are delivered to customers. The Vision of ME CARE is to become an international leading health product provider. Modern lifestyle is what we reflect on and keep up with, in order to provide products which can work well into the daily routine. 

    Our team is ready to bring out new kinds of products and strive to respond to the “new normal” way of living under the green quality concept to support environmental sustainability. We aim to promote well-being for all and help everyone glow from the inside out. 

    We “ wishing you good health ”

ME CARE journey began in 2017 when the founder traveled to work in cell therapy in Germany. and is an expert in providing holistic health care advice to both Thais and foreigners. For this reason, it was my first time turning myself fully into the health industry.  

     The beginning of Mee Care began in 2019, which was the year of the Covid-19 epidemic. With the impact of this epidemic, Made the founder aware and realize the importance of preventive healthcare for family and people around them. Because of new emerging diseases It happened without anyone knowing. At this point, the founder wanted to find something that could help. Let everyone have good health And I want everyone to start being aware of taking care of their health on a regular basis. Because many diseases can be prevented if we start taking care of our bodies from now on. 

     For this reason The founder therefore established a business - Me Care. It is a business in which the founder had a desire to invent and develop dietary supplements that can help strengthen the entire immune system. Because of the current situation, new diseases have arisen that have made many people sick. Promoting knowledge to people about taking nutritional supplements is probably something that should not be neglected any longer. If we have a good immune system, it can help reduce the chance of getting sick and relieve infections.  

     Mee Care has developed the formula together with medical experts in Germany. and passed the vitamin quality test with Leading Laboratories To ensure that We have products that meet standards in both Thailand and Germany. Therefore ensuring that we are The owner of a formula that has been tested to be effective. and really good quality before bringing the products to sell in Thailand The production process of every step of the product Operated from Germany and imported into Thailand by plane. Because we attach great importance to transportation and storage. So that the product retains the value of vitamins very well In addition, We also give importance to storage in a temperature-controlled location with a 24-hour cooling system, ensuring that The product will retain its value and excellent storage standards before being delivered to you. 

     With Mee Care's vision, we want to be a leader in health products on an international level. We also look at people's current lifestyles. The product must become necessary for daily life. 

Our team is ready to develop new dietary supplements. And we aim to develop further with products related to the "New-Normal" lifestyle in the concept of products that, in addition to having quality, It must also be environmentally friendly. To answer the question To people of all genders and ages To have good health from the inside out 

keep you healthy is our wish "WISHING YOU GOOD HEALTH" 


“Wishing you good health” is our inspiration to the establishment of ME CARE Limited Partnership. Since 2017, our first business back then was to introduce an alternative German's holistic healthcare information to our valued clients. We worked together with a team of German doctors with direct experiences in this field for more than 30 years.

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In 2019, ME CARE officially registered our business in order to expand our customer base, especially on people who are care for their health. Most importantly, we also want to develop quality dietary supplements imported directly from Germany. We intend to introduce our supplements as an alternative choice for all classes of people in the market.

We believe that people at all levels should be able to have their access to various, reachable and good product that meets the premium quality production and standards of Germany and also reaches up to the standard of the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.

“Keeping people healthy is our wish.”

is the inspiration for the founding of Me Care since 2017. The first business was to provide holistic health care information in Germany. By working with German doctors who have direct experience with themselves for more than 30 years,  then in 2019 they officially registered their business in order for Mee Car to expand its customer base in the health group and develop quality nutritional supplements directly from Germany. It is an alternative for the market at all levels. To have the opportunity to access good products and complies with production standards of Germany and the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the business of manufacturing, importing food supplements, and alternative holistic healthcare business internationally.

We wish all people at all levels to be able to stylishly access good quality products for their healthcare.

To be a leader in the business of manufacturing and importing dietary supplements and alternative health internationally

Giving people at all levels access to quality products to create good health in style.

Our Vision
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Mr. Artorn Chinalai

Founder & Managing Director


Ronnachai Kunarangsri

Co-Founder & Brand Designer


Wannaporn Inmueang

Graphic Designer


Khacheerat Somket



Dr. Michael Bausch CEO

Founder : Frankfurt, Germany


Carsten Schreiber

CEO : CS Real Estate, Germany


Patric Keller

CEO : Cexcix GmbH, Germany

Thamaporn S.jpg

Thamaporn Sirikrerkkrai

Co-Founder & Executive Assistant


Dr. Porntip M.

Co-Founder & Medical Doctor


Atcharawadee. Ponnang

Graphic Designer


Dr. Ricarda Haferkorn CEO

Founder : Berlin, Germany


Naf Somjai

CEO : Real Estate, Phuket

Meet Our Team
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