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to the establishment of ME CARE Limited Partnership. Since 2017, our first business back then was to introduce an alternative German's holistic healthcare information to our valued clients. We worked together with a team of German doctors with direct experiences in this field for more than 30 years.

In 2019, ME CARE officially registered our business in order to expand our customer base, especially on people who are care for their health. Most importantly, we also want to develop quality dietary supplements imported directly from Germany. We intend to introduce our supplements as an alternative choice for all classes of people in the market.

We believe that people at all levels should be able to have their access to various, reachable and good product that meets the premium quality production and standards of Germany and also reaches up to the standard of the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.

“Keeping people healthy is our wish.”

is the inspiration for the founding of Me Care since 2017. The first business was to provide holistic health care information in Germany. By working with German doctors who have more than 30 years of hands-on experience, then in 2019 they officially registered their business in order for Mee Car to expand its customer base in the health group and develop quality nutritional supplements directly from Germany. It is an alternative for the market at all levels. To have the opportunity to access good products and meets the production standards of Germany and the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the business of manufacturing, importing food supplements, and alternative holistic healthcare business internationally.

We wish all people at all levels to be able to stylishly access good quality products for their healthcare.

To be a leader in the business of manufacturing and importing dietary supplements and alternative health internationally

Giving people at all levels access to quality products to create good health in style.



Our Vision

We believe that all employees should be supported in developing their personal talents and careers. We strive to empower our people to realize their full professional and personal potential and achieve their ambitions by creating a culture that increases their capacity to learn, grow and innovate.  We also believe development is fueled by an individual's sense of purpose and self-motivation and that this can take on many forms, including skills training and learning-development programs, short-term and/or global-mobility assignments and challenging, fulfilling work that supports the business. We encourage a multi-experience career journey so that our people can learn from different types of work, leaders, environments and teams.

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