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Vitamin C + D3 + Selenium + Zinc PLUS

Helps strengthen the immune system throughout the system. To function normally and protect the body from infection


dietary supplements C+D3+Selenium+Zinc (Plus Inulin)

  Consisting of  

"Quality, complete, complete in one pill"

Vitamin C

helps strengthen the body's immune system. Don't catch a cold easily Helps with clear skin

Vitamin D3

reduces stress. and depression

Helps reduce muscle aches and pains

Selenium promotes healthy hair and nails and helps with the production of sperm cells. Helps protect cells

Zinc plays an important role in boosting the immune system and recovering from illness.

Inulin helps digest food, reduces fat in the liver, improves the excretory system, and maintains a healthy intestinal tract.

  • Contains 4+1 types of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for immune function, which is the only one on the market.

  • The amount is as specified by the Thai FDA and is within the German standards (Thai RDI).

  • Blackcurrant flavor, delicious, easy to drink.

  • Does not contain sugar, does not contain gluten, does not contain lactose.

  • Produced and packed in Germany

  • Factory in Germany meets GMP, HACCP, ISO13485, IFS Food and Bio standards.

  • The product format is stylish and easy to use.

  • Bilingual product labels English and Thai are clear.

  • Taking vitamins It's easy. For those who don't like to eat Tablet dietary supplement

  • Suitable for those Have swallowing or digestion problems

immune system

    How to eat     

  1. Just add vitamins to 1 glass or 200 ml of water.

  2. Wait until the vitamins are completely dissolved. or no bubbles coming up

And don't forget! Drink all the water to get the most benefit from the vitamins.

  Who is IMMUNE PLUS suitable for   

  • People who have problems Chronic allergies such as a stuffy nose, frequent coughing and sneezing , migraines and chronic sinusitis. Frequently infected with colds

  • People with chronic itchy skin rashes Chronic urticaria, abnormally large amounts of acne.

  • People who often have colds and whose wounds heal slowly Muscle aches, frequent diarrhea, etc.

  • exhausted person Insufficient rest need refreshment

  • People who have problems with hair loss, thinning hair, and brittle nails.

  • People who have erection problems/doves that don't crow. and the testicles are not fully developed (Hypogonadism)

  • People with abnormal sensory perception, such as blurred vision. Abnormal taste and smell have memory problems

  • People with low immunity against disease Get infected with various diseases more easily than other people. especially pneumonia/pneumonia

  • General public who want Strengthen immunity to the body

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