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“We will bring you to your dream Real Estate”

CS Real Estates is the local Real Estate Agent, that will find your dream Real Estate in Germany and western Europe. Due to cooperation with high rated Real Estate Companies all over the world, we can focus on your requested wishes, search through the market, talk with the Real Estate Companies, view the objects (villas, penthouses, flats, plots, commercials, skyscrapers, etc.) and offer you a collection, that suits to your requests.

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Phuket, Thailand

The Attitude Club Company Profile


Established in 1999 by a new generation of Phuket property professionals with a passion for creative business with real "value" for today's contemporary lifestyles, The Attitude Club Co., Ltd operates under the banner, "Next lifestyle living".

The Attitude Club began life as a small firm specializing in bespoke architecture, design, and real estate management with a collective vision to improve the quality of all aspects of construction management in Phuket to put the province on a par with standard in Bangkok



Cencix Software Solutions

Cencix GmbH – Your Provider of Connectivity Solutions


The Cencix GmbH is a company that develops and designs effective tools to support the digitization of companies and public authorities in the fields of Industrial LoT, LoT, Smart City and Smart Grid Power Solutions.


Our solutions support the cost-efficient deployment of large-scale service meshes as well as the integration of distributed IT-systems. The bandwidth of applications covered comprise ERP- Web-/Mobile-, Embedded, Multi-Cloud-Applications up to customized solutions. We support you throughout planning, development, integration and maintenance of your products.

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