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DETOX Apherese®

DETOX apheresis is a form of intensive detoxification of the body on all levels and is a fundamental component of the MODERN MEDICAL CONCEPT.


Here, the method of therapeutic apheresis is combined with methods of mitochondrial medicine, specifically individual methods of heavy metal and biocide detoxification (e.g., via chelates) in combination with methods of bioenergetic and homeopathic-spagyric detoxification.


DETOX apheresis uses a medically recognized procedure with a modern therapeutic approach based on regulatory medicine.


State-of-the-art and safe double membrane filtration apheresis is used. Depending on the patient-specific indication, various filter systems are available that enable individual treatment. The blood is taken from a vein in the arm, which is sent through the filter system and cleaned.


The purified blood plasma, all important blood components such as the blood cells (red and white blood cells and platelets), electrolytes and plasma proteins are returned to the body on the opposite arm and additionally enriched with vital substances.


What remains is an eluate enriched with poisons, biocides (e.g., glyphosate), heavy metals (e.g., mercury, lead, cadmium), light metals (aluminum), drug residues, solvents, immune complexes or neurotoxins and much more. This eluate is analyzed for its constituents in a special laboratory and at the same time used for the production of a causolyte complex or an autologous nosode.


Overall, this cocktail of toxins and disease-causing factors puts a strain on the body in its regulation, healing skills and vitality.


The removal of these harmful substances from the blood, organ tissues and cells promote self-regulation and balancing of the body, improves the immune system, activates the metabolism and stimulates revitalization.


One of the peculiarities of DETOXApherese® Apheresis (from the Greek apherein = separate) is a blood purification process in which stressful and pathogenic components are filtered out of the blood extracorporeally - i.e., outside the body.


The initial assumption here is that by removing diverse toxins we remove the basis of various diseases and bring the organism more to its self-healing. 


We clean your blood with new filters, treat it additionally homeopathically and spagyrically.

That is why the list of diseases that we have already successfully treated with the DETOXApherese® is so diverse: Because we strive for a general strengthening of the immune system - which can have a broad impact.


Within a few hours, all of your blood will pass through the system and be freed from dozens of pollutants. Within a few hours, all of your blood will pass through the system and be freed from dozens of pollutants detectable. That is the DETOXApherese®.

Then we bring it back to your body - almost "like new". We put the filtered residues in the laboratory and get an overview of which substances we have successfully removed from your body. You gain more than clean blood: clarity.


The residues filtered as part of the apheresis (“eluate”) are checked in the independent laboratory for the 30 most important pollutants and heavy metals from aluminum to zirconium.


Dr. Ricarda Haferkorn

Specialist in ear, nose and throat medicine,
allergology, chiropractic
and naturopathic medicine


Born in 1969, received her doctorate in 1996 at the University of Jena. Her dissertation, which dealt with blood and its conditions, was awarded “magna cum laude”.

After her specialist training, she trained as an allergologist and received the A and B diploma in acupuncture and the “Master of Neural therapy”.


She also has advanced training as a neural therapist and in medical osteopathy. In the field of naturopathy, as well as have mastered naturopathy and osteopathy.

In addition to her competence in integrative medicine, Chinese medicine and environmental medicine, trust is the basis of good cooperation between us, she said.

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