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RICE สาระ RICE information

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary, ME CARE Group initiates a project called "RICE SARA" which means knowledge about rice.

This project is a gift to our valued partners in the hope that we can support a new generation of the young farmers and conserve the organic Thai rice varieties.

The “Rice Information” project was established by ME CARE GROUP with the goal of providing knowledge about rice varieties. and to preserve Thai rice varieties which is becoming difficult to find these days and is also rice that is rich in many vitamins In addition, it promotes careers for new generations of farmers. Produce quality rice and can also generate income directly to the community. The company believes that Before being a good receiver, you must be a good giver. Mee Care Group therefore went to the area to meet with the new generation of farmers. To join in being a part in preserving the Nil Chakkraphat rice breed.

The management team and employees participated in the rice planting this time with the farmers.

ME CARE GROUP is delighted and proud of the new generation of farmers who use the wisdom passed down from their ancestors. and furthering the science of organic agriculture in growing Hom Nil Chakraphat rice.

That requires dedication and care in every step, from preparing the rice fields to filtering the water used for planting. Organic and non-GMO seeds The use of fertilizers in the soil Nitrogen fixation to nourish rice with minerals without using chemical fertilizers chemical pesticides and hormone chemistry In addition to getting good things It has come to the consumers. Seeing farmers of different generations, from children to the elderly in the community, working together. Supporting each other is quite happy. Mee Care Group would like to be an encouragement and be a part of giving support. Let people produce good quality products. and safe for consumers To be a smart choice for society in the future.

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