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Congratulations to "Sophie-Siriyakorn Tera" is half Thai-German.

Successfully won the crown of Miss Grand Pathum Thani.

and the title of Miss ME CARE GLOW YOUR OWN WAY, the only beautiful woman with complete beauty in the 3B model, which is Beauty (beauty), Body (shape) and Brain (intelligence). Receive prize money and prizes worth more than 14,000 baht by you. “Ronnachai-Kunarangsi” Brand Director ME CARE GROUP was the honoree to present the award this time.

Because we want everyone 'The most beautiful in your own way' Be fully confident. Be yourself to the max.

We would like to be a part of encouraging 'Sophie' Siriyakorn Trau to win the crown on stage as Miss Grand Thailand.

And this event was honored by "Ingfah Waraha", 1st runner-up of Miss Grand International 2022 and Miss Grand Thailand 2022, "Charlotte Austin", 5th runner-up of Miss Grand Thailand 2022.

“Nam-Patcharaporn Chandrapradit” Miss Grand Thailand 2020 along with the team of coaches for the Miss Grand Pathum Thani Province 2023 pageant, led by “Fasai Paweensuda Drouin, Kwan-Pim Apsorn, A-Tiwakorn, etc. Including "Powder-Wichida Nuamson" Miss Grand Pathum Thani 2022

with "SEA Games-Athit Mekkakat" serving as the MC for this year's event. and broadcast live on Youtube GrandTV for beauty queen fans at home to join in cheering for the beautiful contestants as well.

At the stage of the most impressive Miss Grand Pathum Thani pageant, a valuable evening, ME CARE was honored to set up a booth to distribute effervescent vitamin tablets. Strengthen the immunity of those who attend this event as well.

In addition, there was a surprise at the event when the girl

"Min-Peachaya Wattanamontri"

This time, I would like to shake off the heroine's image and take on the role of inviting the crown jewel "The Wonder Woman Star" on the stage of this year's "Miss Grand Pathum Thani 2023" competition, creating a huge buzz from beauty queen fans.


#From now on, every area has only grand.

#Miss Grand Thailand 2023

#Miss Grand Pathum Thani

#Miss Grand Pathum Thani 2023

#MECARE complete in one pill

#The most beautiful in your own way

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