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ME CARE x Miss Grand Pathum Thani 2023

On Friday, February 24, 2023, ME CARE had the opportunity to organize an activity for the Miss Grand Pathum Thani team and was also honored by Ms. Fasai Paweensuda Drouin, the title holder of Miss Universe Thailand 2019 and TOP5 Miss Universe 2019 Miss Universe and P'S, P'S, star manager, Ed Anusit, PD, Miss Grand Pathum Thani pageant, Miss Grand Thailand #MissGrandPathumThani

Participated in designing beverages in new formats Using the main ingredient as vitamins Strengthen your immune system with ME CARE and also be honored by the bartender. From a secret bar in Phra Nakhon area That has come to provide knowledge about choosing to mix things together and create new things.

ME CARE has prepared an ingredient station for Miss Grand ladies to try mixing new drink recipes with a base of IMMUNE PLUS vitamins that add even more fun and deliciousness to the vitamins.

At this event, the girls gained both knowledge and vitamins, but it was also fun and not monotonous. Anyone can mix their own drinks from ME CARE's products. Let's try some.


#Effervescent vitamin tablets from Germany

#Miss Grand Thailand

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