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On August 27, 2022, ME CARE opened its doors for the first time to invited guests. came to attend the company's open house and had the opportunity to launch dietary supplements, vitamins, effervescent tablets, and cara for guests to learn about the products we wanted to present. Mee Care's effervescent vitamin tablet products besides helping to strengthen the immune system to function normally. We also offer effervescent vitamin tablets. The new model is very interesting.

By creating a menu of various drinks from @envies_cafe and presenting that taking vitamins will no longer be boring. Mee Cara's effervescent vitamin tablets can be mixed with coffee or various fruit juices. Created to create new flavors. It's delicious and also has health benefits. In addition to being a must-have item, Effervescent Vitamin Tablets

Mee Care wants to make taking care of health easy. and is a lifestyle for the new generation Emphasis is placed on products that must be delicious, easy to eat, and must be of full quality. according to the German model itself

In addition to activities in the beverage section Within the event, there was also a small flower arrangement workshop where Mee Care collaborated with @flowerbykanghanlom. Let everyone have activities together. and make every guest have fun with each person's unique view of beauty. It is an activity for everyone to bring out their creativity. and the atmosphere is full of fun

Finally, We hope that our nutritional supplements It will be able to be a part or help in taking care of your health, especially to enhance the immune system to function normally. And we hope Our products will have the opportunity to enter everyone's lifestyle and make taking care of yourself no longer difficult or far away.

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