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Stop by to see and use - effervescent tablets for health

Healthy Effervescent Tablets – Eating food to get all the vitamins and minerals is not easy. This is because food that has gone through processing, heat, and food that has been prepared has been stored for a long time. All of which result in the deterioration of vitamins and minerals in various foods.

Including the behavior of not eating all 5 food groups, there is a chance that it will cause a lack of vitamins and minerals that the body wants and needs. Each day

Dietary supplements are therefore a helper that helps to fill. Helps the body return to work at full capacity. To strengthen the body's immune system to return to normal functioning.

ME CARE releases dietary supplements, vitamins, effervescent tablets C+ D3 + Selenium + Zinc PLUS, black currant flavor. sugar free Rich in vitamin C, vitamin D3, and the mineral selenium. Minerals, zinc, and inulin, which are good prebiotics and dietary fiber, with 100% THAI RDI (Thai Recommended Daily Intake), meeting the needs of multivitamins that have all the properties in one pill. and helps the immune system function normally. However, dietary supplements It cannot prevent or cure disease, so you should eat a variety of foods from all 5 food groups in ME CARE is a holistic health advisor and consultant from Germany since 2017 with the inspiration of Executives focus on health as an important aspect of life, under the concept of “Let everyone be healthy. is our wish.” Therefore, we began expanding our business by importing health supplements from Germany in 2019.

By developing dietary supplements together with a team of German doctors. With over 30 years of health experience, we have produced quality dietary supplements. Responding to the lifestyle needs of people at all levels in today's era. which has been certified to production standards from Germany and the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand

Easy to consume, just dissolve 1 tablet in 250 ml of drinking water at any time.

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